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DMV Wait Times was designed as a response to the enormous and growing lines for California DMV field offices. California has about 38 million residents, 31 million of whom have drivers licenses or IDs, with 33 million registered vehicles. (source) Needless to say, that's a lot of paperwork.

Further, Ca Assembly Bill (AB) 60 (Chapter 524: Statutes of 2013) was put into effect in 2015. Officially:

This requires the department to issue an original driver license to an applicant who is unable to submit satisfactory proof of legal presence in the United States.

That's great news for many California families, but the governmental resources don't always have the capacity to handle this excess documentation.

That's where we come in. Using the power of our analytical decision platform, we analyze all of the DMV data to provide easy access to the question we all want to know: what's the fastest line?